1. April 2023

Crime Dinner – A perfect murder

In a company that tests measuring devices, everything should be precise and orderly. Unfortunately, murder is always such a messy thing… A tragedy occurs in a small town in Lower Saxony.
Inspector Louis Sagel (Yves Morel) has to investigate a bizarre murder case: a person was buried in a barrel under transport foam. Macabrely, only one hand sticks out. The situation is made all the more complicated by the fact that an old acquaintance of the inspector has discovered the body: Knut Asmussen (Björn H. Katzur).
How can Inspector Sagel solve this case in a company full of passion, jealousy, dark dealings and simmering hatred? When does precision become deadly?


Yves Morel and Björn Katzur go murdering through the country. But just read it and in the end – with the help of the audience – the perpetrator will be brought to justice. Björn Katzur shoots, strangles, stabs: he slips into the roles of all the female and male suspects, with all their dark secrets, lies and human depths. Inspector Lui Sagel, read by Yves Morel, can only see through all these hidden abysses, half-truths and untruths with the help of the audience, who have the opportunity to follow the course of the play with documents and questions or even to have an influence.


The two of them present an exciting and entertaining evening with tricky cases and captivating stories.


Tickets for this amusing evening, including the delicious multi-course menu, are available for €79.00 at the following locations: in the Hotel Bellevue, on 0431/556868330 or write to us.

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